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How To Cure Burns At Home Naturally?

How to Cure Burns at Home Naturally?3 min read

How to Cure Burns at Home Naturally?

The skin assumes a fundamental part of keeping up the temperature of the body. Hence any harm to the skin can affect that balance. The skin likewise shields the body from germs around. The skin is made out of three layers; the epidermis which is the external layer, the dermis in which you discover the veins, sweat organs, hair follicles and nerves; and the hypodermis which is the place the nerves and substantial veins are available. The hypodermis is particularly included in temperature regulation. Burns might be brought about by the sun, chemicals, warmth, power or fire. They make harm t the skin and the fundamental tissues.

A few burns might prompt minor uneasiness, while others might transform into life-threatening conditions. The harm brought on by a burn depends upon the area and the severity. The measure of body zone included will likewise decide the seriousness of a burn. Minor burns can be effectively treated at home through straightforward measures, for example, applying ice water or Aloe Vera gel.

Homemade Remedies for Burns

Quick and long-haul remedies for burns that can be found right at your home include:

  • Ice Water


This is the model approach to cool burns. Place the burnt part of the skin under running icy water or apply ice on the influenced part. This ought to be proceeded for up to 10-15 minutes. One should likewise drink no less than 8-10 glass of water every day until the burn is cured.


  • Turmeric


It is beneficial to take turmeric as the powder mixed in warm milk around evening time while resting. This is known to heal and cure irritation and torment.

  • Tea bags


Dip tea packs in water and keep them over the burnt area. These dipped tea bags sometimes help in cooling down the injury and drawing out heat and giving comfort because of the presence of tannins.

  • Lavender Oil


The oil got from lavender is known to be efficient for burns. These must be applied with delicate hands for a couple of days after the damage happened.

  • Coconut Oil and lemon juice


To increase the healing rate, add little lemon juice in coconut oil properly and apply it over the burnt area.

  • Raw potato

Rub raw potato on the burnt so that the juice from it releases over the area. This will give you a soothing feeling.

  • Aloe Vera


The gel acquired from Aloe Vera is known for its recuperating properties, pain relieving activity, and cooling impacts. Aloe gel ought to be applied 2-3 times each day over the burnt zone.

  • Antibiotic ointments

Antibiotic ointments and creams help prevent infections. Apply an antibacterial ointment like Bacitracin or Neosporin to the burnt area and cover with cling film or a sterile, non-fluffy dressing or cloth.

  • Honey


Honey apart from its delicious taste, also help to heal a minor burn when applied topically. Honey is anti-inflammatory and naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

  • Reducing sun exposure

Try your best to avoid exposing the burn to direct sunlight. The burned skin will be very sensitive to the sun. Keep it covered with clothing.

Symptoms of Burns

The regular side effects of burns include:

  1. Redness around the influenced zone

  2. Swelling

  3. Pain that might run from gentle to serious contingent upon the degree of harm

  4. Sogginess

  5. Ranking

  6. White skin is waxy to touch

  7. Darkening or charring of the skin if there should be an occurrence of serious burns

NOTE: Kindly consult with the doctor before attempting any of the home cures.

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