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Child’s Sensitive Skin : 10 Amazing Parent Tips

Child’s sensitive skin : 10 amazing parent tips4 min read

Child’s sensitive skin

Children skin has very delicate skin than adults, so it’s more sensitive. Here are the top tips which will help parents to take care of the child’s sensitive skin:

Caring of child's sensitive skin

Care for child’s Sensitive skin

  1. Do not use products that are not free of dyes, perfumes or any such products that can be harmful to child’s skin. There are many products such as detergent, any kind of soaps, that contain dyes and perfumes which can irritate the child’s sensitive skin. So make sure that you choose products that are friendly with the child’s sensitive skin. Also make sure that you check the labels of the product to check that the product is dye free, perfume free, and is specially made for the sensitive skin and is dermatologist tested. And check all these things for other personal care products too like soap, shampoo, oil, cream, and lotion, etc.

  2. Child’s skin is very delicate and exposure to the sun can cause sunburns and irritation and too much sun exposure in the early years can even cause skin cancer later on in life. Keep your child out of the sun when the ray of the sun are at their strongest from around 10 am to 4 pm. Cover your child with protective clothing when you are out in sun with your child or apply sunscreen to his/her exposed skin (check that sunscreen is good for sensitive skin). Do not use products that contain PABA, as these products can irritate the skin. And do not forget to apply sunscreen lip balm on your child’s lips because according to studies lips are 10 times more sensitive than skin. Sunscreen is not recommended for children who are under 6 months of age. Hence the children under 6 months of age should be covered up and shaded with provided clothing. UVS/ UVB-blocking clothing is available that will stop your child from burning through their clothes, as T-shirts provide little protection for these rays.

  3. Keep the skin of your child well moisturized and choose the best moisturizer that is made especially for children’s sensitive skin and dermatologist tested. Apply the moisturizer to your child’s body and face after every bath. Moisturizing children skin protect their sensitive skin from irritation.

  4. Give your child a lot of water to drink as it will help your child have a hydrated body. Sufficient water intake gives a glow to his/her skin and removes all the toxins from the body. Make sure that your child drinks at least eight glasses of water daily.

  5. Keep your child away from household irritants. Aerosol products such as furniture polish or room freshening sprays, hairdryer machine that can irritate your child’s skin or harm them. Clean your home regularly, keep pets out of the bedroom and choose cotton cloths for your child. Before your child wears new cloth, make sure that it is washed with skin-friendly detergent that is free dyes.

  6. Apply a mixture of milk and turmeric as this mixture will keep your child’s skin smooth. Add turmeric and milk to make a paste and apply the paste gently on your kid’s face, hands, and rest of the body. Allow it to dry. Wipe paste using a soft wet cloth. After removing the milk-turmeric paste, give your child a bath and don’t use any soap. Your child skin will be glowing soon.

  7. Apply a mixture of mint leaves on your child’s face to make this mixture take a handful of fresh mint leaves, grind them and apply the paste on your child’s face. Apply this paste regularly on your child’s face and you will definitely observe a glow on your child’s face

  8. Add nutritious fruits and cereals in your child’s diet. You can feed her either with raw fruits or fruit juices. Antioxidants in fruits neutralize free-radical activity and minimize skin damage to a great extent, thereby enhancing fair skin complexion in kids

  9. Apply a mixture of curd and dried orange and apply this mixture on your kid’s dark skin as this mixture is effective in improving skin complexion without any side-effects.

  10. Do not use any chemical product on your child skin only use natural elements because natural elements are the most effective ways for improving skin quality. Instead of applying chemicals on skin apply pure aloe vera get on your child’s body. Aleo is highly effective in improving child’s complexion however it can be itchy, so make sure that your kid doesn’t feel itchiness due to its pulp.

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